Your assistant for health, stable and training management

HorseAnalytics App

Digital whiteboard

See all your daily tasks so as not to forget anything. Just check off what you have done.

Stable management

Use the calendar to create an accurate plan for you and your horses.

Pasture management

Watch for fructan risk, monitor grazing times and look at weather data.

Health record

Here you can enter and monitor symptoms, diseases and PAT values.

Gait analysis

Analyze gaits, duration, distance and speed.


Create training plan and find training inspiration.

Cushing diary

Note symptoms, ACTH and cortisol levels.

Emergency cards

Respiratory infection to wounds. You have access to our emergency cards.

Startpage, to do, digital whiteboard, digital horse organization

Create your personal digital stable whiteboard​.

That way you know what to do every day.

We help you prevent equine health problems and detect them earlier!

We want to help horse owners monitor and improve the health of the horse.

health record, pulse, respiration, temperature
grazing, fructan risk, fructan warning

Record your horse's grazing times

This way you can better monitor the risk to your horse.

Boring training? Not with us. Choose from over 200 exercises.

We want to help you make your training effective and creative.

Gait analysis, analyse your training

Analyse your training.

Make a note of all upcoming appointments in the app. 

Manage your everyday stable life.

Make a note of all upcoming appointments in the app.

When you download the app, you get the free basic version.
You can then activate the premium version in the app.


First horse for free - you get a limited amount of entries per functions.


with all functions - starting at € 2,50 per month
- starting at € 2,50 per month -

Basic functions

Premium functions

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Startpage, to do, digital whiteboard, digital horse organization