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Horse emergency: Diarrhea

It is extremely important that your horse’s digestion works well. Excessive limping, especially in very soft consistency, can put a lot of stress on your horse, as it loses a lot of water and electrolytes, among other things.

Typical diarrhea symptoms include watery, foul-smelling droppings, loud bowel sounds and flatulence, and soiled thighs and tails.

What can I do as a horse owner? First, I should stop the cause of the diarrhea, which could be fresh pasture grass, large amounts of fruit or moldy feed. Often light exercise and Colosan will also help. I should notify the veterinarian if the horse shows loss of appetite and signs of colic. If infection with salmonella or coli bacteria is suspected, I should separate the horse from its peers. If the diarrhea persists for more than a day, I should have my horse’s electrolyte supply checked and notify a veterinarian.