Notfallkarte Atemwegsinfektion, Atemwegsinfektion beim Pferd, pferd hustet

Horse emergency: Respiratory infection

Your horse coughs – what to do? Coughing is often related to respiratory diseases, which can be acute or chronic. These are a common and serious clinical picture in horses.

Symptoms of an acute respiratory infection are usually an elevated temperature (> 38.5 °C), an increased respiratory rate, coughing, nasal discharge, altered pulse as well as faintness and poor eating.

As a horse owner, I can already do a few things myself to help my four-legged friend. First of all, I should get my horse out of the dusty stable into the fresh air. Besides, I can wet the hay and avoid straw and dust. In addition, I should take a fever and contact the vet, if necessary, to get a meaningful diagnosis.