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Horse emergency: Severe bleeding wound

Especially with horses that are outside in the meadow or paddock with other horses, you have to expect injuries. But even in the box it can happen that a horse injures itself. Especially in the case of heavily bleeding wounds, it is important to act quickly.

First, it is important to recognize whether an artery or a vein has been injured. If bright red blood is flowing from the wound, this indicates that an artery has been injured. If the blood is more dark red and it flows steadily from the wound, it will probably be the injury of a vein.

In the case of an arterial injury, it is important to quickly apply a pressure dressing. To do this, place a compress on the wound and wrap a bandage around it several times. As a tip, bandage packs make good pressure pads. For bleeding on the torso, head or neck, you should press a clean cloth directly onto the wound. For vein injuries, press with your finger for a few minutes and then apply a slightly tight bandage.